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Gwenn Nicolay (Electric Guitars - Lead Vocals)

Gwenn really wanted to be a doctor or a stuntman (or both) but soon realized his path was already paved. He grew up in rehearsal rooms and backstages surrounded by musicians. After college, he studied sound engineering in Brussels and dove into music joining Jazz masterclasses and local bands. Gwenn now composes music for advertising and is working on his solo album.


Angelo Sicurella (Drums)

Even before he could walk, Angelo was constantly tapping out grooves. On cans and pans, on barrels, on the table, on the ground with his feet and on drums! He started with  local bands and soon became a famous drummer in Belgium. He played with everybody (Graffic, Helmut Lotti, Plastic Bertrand, …) everywhere (TV shows on TF1, FR2, VTM, Olympia Paris, ...). His drumming style has been described as a mix between John Bonham and Jeff Porcaro.


Ben Suys (Bass - Vocals)

Ben is a multi-instrumentalist. After his diploma in civil engineering, he chose to become a professional musician. He is fluent in many different musical styles, from rock to funk, as well as symphonic music for records, commercials and live performances. His previous band Mintystyle, produced by Youth, reached international success with the song “See the light”. Ben is not only involved in the world of sound but also image, as a talented film director and experienced post producer. Ben defines himself as a citizen of the world.


Nico D'Avell (Keyboards - Deep Sounds and Percussions - Vocals)

Nicolas has been playing piano and drums since he was a young boy. Today, he performs with bands like « The Terminal » (electro hip-hop band ), « La Polizia » (The Police tribute band as drummer) while running his own studio and composing.  He produces artists like Charlotte, Ben’Do, amongst others. He doesn’t like bombs and weapons, but he deeply likes spinach.


Ludo Catalfamo (Electric Guitars - Keyboards - Vocals)

Ludo started the piano at the age of 9 and immediately knew it would be for life. While completing his graduation from the Liège Royal Conservatory of Music, he simultaneously taught himself to play the guitar, influenced by the music of the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. He has played all over Belgium and throughout the world (France, USA, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Germany, …) with many artists and bands, covering all kinds of music styles. He is also the lead member of Muse by Museum, a Muse tribute band.

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